Adapt-Tech pocket coil spring mattress - SLEEP

The Sleep mattress is formed by the Adapt-Tech pocket coil spring core and its Progression Visco layer. The Adapt-Tech pocket coil spring core adapts point by point to the morphology of each sleeper, and favours bed independence. Its layer of Progression Visco padding, combination of HR Supersoft foaming and Viscofoam, viscoelastic material, lowers the pressure points on the mattress, improving the feeling of comfort. All Pikolin mattresses have the Triple Barrier total hygiene technology that protects and prevents against the development of the main bacterial sources of a mattress: mites, bacteria and fungi.
Altura: +/-30,00cm
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Adapt-Tech: Pocket-coil innerspring unit, independent from each other and packed in resistant and durable fabric.


The shock absorber on these mattresses provides them with a perfect stability, whereas the Adapt Tech® pocket coil spring system ensures that the mattress adapts to your most comfortable position every night to obtain a fully restorative rest.


No transmission of movements from one part of the bed to the other. If you share a rest space, you will not have to worry about the other person’s movements as this core of springs adapts point by point to each morphology.

Air circulation

The fabric into which the springs are packed allows air circulation and the passage of air in the core of this mattress.

Product details


  • Tejido exterior: POLYESTER: 100%
  • Capas: Stretch fabric, Progression Visco, HR shock absorber, Adapt-Tech core, HR shock absorber, Progression Visco, stretch fabric