Canapé abatible juvenil de apertura lateral de color cerezo - ABATIB. JUVENIL

Los canapés son unas bases perfectas porque le aportan a tu colchón un toque adicional de firmeza. ¡No olvides que elegir bien una base es clave para obtener un descanso reparador! Los canapés abatibles juveniles de apertura lateral Pikolin, además de contar con una gran resistencia, te ofrecen todas las ventanas de contar con un espacio extra de almacenaje.
Sorry, this product is discontinued

Who is this Pikolin fold-away storage bed good for?

If you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep and you are also looking for extra storage space for your bedroom, this fold-away storage bed guarantees you a good rest. With it, you will have the right base for your mattress and you will no longer have headaches when trying to decide how to organise everything in your bedroom.

Why buy this Pikolin fold-away storage bed?

Choosing the right bed base is the best guarantee to enjoy the benefits of your mattress throughout its useful life. Fold-away storage beds help you to achieve this thanks to their resistant metal steel structure and upholstery with 3D fabric, which, in addition to being breathable, helps create a quality aesthetic.
The exclusive Pikolin Base Air System and Double Support technologies also help you sleep well every night. They are responsible for providing the most suitable ventilation, regardless of the type of mattress you have chosen to combine with it.
You can also take advantage of the internal capacity of this Pikolin fold-away storage bed! Easily access everything you have stored inside thanks to the wooden handles and its opening system with pneumatic springs or gas pistons, which allow you to open it from any angle and they also do not make any noise. Choose the fold-away storage bed that best adapts to your rest space!


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