High capacity

Cherry-coloured high capacity folding storage base

High capacity

Wooden cherry-coloured high capacity folding storage base
Comfortable and practical, as well as resistant
With a breathable lid to provide air circulation to your rest
Setup and free collection of the old base included
If you choose 180x200 size, you are buying two folding storage beds which 90 cm width and the VR09914 union piece
Height: +/-41,00cm
Sizes and dimensions guide

Guide to heights and measurements

We explain how to correctly measure the height of our products and which accessories you should choose according to the size of your bed. 

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Discover the advantages of the new NATURBOX 2.0 PLUS storage bed

Model comparison  NATURBOX 2.0


Total height 36 cm  41 cm
Storage space (90x190 cm) 478 litres 556 litres
Basin thickness 25 mm 25 mm 
Available colours Britania
Price (90x190 cm) From €425,00
From €469,00

The Pikolin NATURBOX 2.0 PLUS high capacity folding storage base provides a comfortable rest without sacrificing extra storage space in your bedroom. Its innovative design combines a high capacity basin with a breathable lid, upholstered in 3D fabric that guarantees optimal air circulation during rest. For a more comfortable user experience, this storage base is equipped with a wooden handle, a guide to secure the mattress in place, and a smooth front opening system thanks to the integrated hydraulic pistons. The basin is made of 25 mm thick laminated boards on both the inside and outside. Its four solid wood corners add durability and stability. Its design has straight lines on the headboard and curves on the footboard for a more aesthetically appealing finishing. This storage base is 41 cm high from the floor, 35 cm of which is entirely dedicated to storage.

The best wooden folding storage base for your home

Comfortable and practical!

Thanks to its front opening, you can easily access the interior. This is opened by means of shock absorbers, which provide greater stability and durability.

Great storage capacity

This storage base model has 35 cm of height entirely dedicated to storage.

Breathability all night long

Its upholstered lid with 3D fabric is breathable, which facilitates the air circulation and aeration of the bed throughout the night. 

Resistant and durable

Its solid wood corners and its basin with 25 mm laminate boards make the storage base resistant and durable.

Product details


  • Lid technology: solid wood handle, maximum durability breathable lid with BAS (Base Air System) technology, a guide to secure the mattress in place and an easy front opening system

  • Basin technology: on-trend interior and exterior laminates and solid wood corners


  • Its front opening system is easy, convenient and practical. You can access the inside of the basin from any angle. It stands out for its lack of noise when operating.

  • This storage base has a breathable lid upholstered with 3D fabric that provides air circulation to your rest.

  • Enjoy an extra storage space without sacrificing the comfort and quality of your rest.


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester and 3D fabric for better breathability of the rest equipment
  • Useful height (basin): 41 cm
  • Height from floor: 35 cm
  • Breathable lid: +/- 5 cm high
  • Basin panels: thickness of 25 mm