Electric single-lid amber coloured folding storage bed - TEXTIL

PIKOLIN’S textile upholstered folding beds with electric opening are a decorative option, as they are both practical and ergonomic. Maximum quality metal interior structure thanks to a new textile finishing. Maximum durability breathable lid with the Base Air System (B.A.S.) and Double Support (D.S.) technologies. It has a wengue wood handle and base, as well as a mattress guide. New remote control electric opening system: Optimised section design for maximum use of the interior space of the basin. Basin adapted to hide the electrical wiring outside the chest. Additional fastening system from the control to the basin. Manual emergency opening in the event of an electrical fault. Gravity closure instead of traction to avoid entrapment.
Altura: +/-34,00cm
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Guide to heights and measurements

We explain how to correctly measure the height of our products and which accessories you should choose according to the size of your bed. 

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The textile electric folding storage base: choose the capacity you need

Practical and ergonomic front opening system

The new electric opening system via remote control has an optimised section designed for maximum use of the interior basin space.

Ideal support and air circulation

Its breathable lid is manufactured with 3D fabric and internal elements that facilitate ventilation and air circulation. The lid has the Base Air System, which favours the aeration of the rest equipment, and Double Support technologies, which incorporates a double bracket foundation that, as well as increasing the resistance and durability of the base itself, guarantees the perfect support of any type of mattress, increasing its useful life.

The capacity that you need

You can choose between our high-capacity textile storage bases (36 cm high) or our standard-capacity storage bases (31 cm high) to store everything you need.

One or two lids, whichever you prefer

You will find a textile storage base option with one lid or two lids. It only depends on the width measurement you want and the solution that is most convenient for you. You can find the single lid in widths from 80 to 160 cm and the double lid in widths from 135 to 200 cm.

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  • Tejido exterior: POLYESTER: 100%
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