100% bamboo knit waterproof pillow cover

Our 100% bamboo knit pillow cover is highly versatile thanks to the magnificent properties of the bamboo with which it is made. It is waterproof and breathable thanks to its SmartSeal membrane and it is also antibacterial, which makes this cover a functional and practical product for everyday use. It includes a zip on one of its sides to fit the pillow well.
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For whom is this Bamboo?

For nature lovers, the bamboo line offers extra breathability over traditional cotton. Obtained in a natural and environmentally friendly way, bamboo fiber is highly breathable and helps to keep your bed cool, hygienic and odourless.

Linea bambuLinea bambu

What is this Waterproof Breathable Pillowcase? 

Because a breathable waterproof pillowcase protects your pillow from serious damage.


  • Smartseal® is a breathable, thin and silent membrane that repels any liquid.


  • BREATHABLE: lets air pass through the fabric, creating comfort during rest and avoiding humidity.


  • Punto 100% bambú, membrana en la parte trasera de PU impermeable y transpirable. Cremallera de cierre en uno de los laterales.