Fronha de almofada 100% algodão de 140 fios respirável

Fronha de almofada em branco, 100% algodão de 140 fios elegante e funcional. Concebida para ser facilmente combinada com o lençol de cima e o lençol de baixo e/ou a capa de edredão de várias tonalidades.
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Sizes and dimensions guide

Guide to heights and measurements

We explain how to correctly measure the height of our products and which accessories you should choose according to the size of your bed. 

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From €5.03 €6.70
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Main measures:
75x40 Compatible Measures: Almohada de 75
90x40 Compatible Measures: Almohada de 90
150x40 Compatible Measures: Almohada de 150
Pack de 2 - 70x40
-25% off

For whom is this Natural?

For cotton and natural fiber lovers. People who seek utility, softness and resistance above all tend to opt for our natural line. All-natural origin products improved for more functional and effective functionality to ensure a good sleep.

Linea naturaLinea natura

What is this Breathable Pillow Case? 

Because a breathable pillowcase protects your pillow from mild damage.


  • SANFORISED: treatment that prevents cotton fabric from shrinking excessively after washing.


  • DRYER-FRIENDLY: can be dried at low and constant temperature.