Protector de colchón de punto de bambú impermeable

Nuestro protector de colchón de punto de bambú es impermeable y transpirable gracias a su membrana Smartseal, que deja pasar el aire pero no los líquidos. Tiene múltiples propiedades, como ser antialérgico natural y eficaz contra las bacterias gracias a su tejido natural. Es un protector de gran absorción y es válido para colchones de hasta 32 cm de altura, cubriendo 5 de sus lados. Es un producto práctico y eficaz con una gran durabilidad.
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We explain how to correctly measure the height of our products and which accessories you should choose according to the size of your bed. 

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160X200 Compatible Measures: Cama de 160
90x190/200 Compatible Measures: Cama de 90
135x190/200 Compatible Measures: Cama de 135
150x190/200 Compatible Measures: Cama de 150
180X200 Compatible Measures: Cama de 180
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For whom is this Bamboo?

For nature lovers, the bamboo line offers extra breathability over traditional cotton. Obtained in a natural and environmentally friendly way, bamboo fiber is highly breathable and helps to keep your bed cool, hygienic and odourless.

Linea bambuLinea bambu

What is this Waterproof Breathable Mattress Protector? 

A waterproof and breathable mattress protector/cover keeps your mattress safe from liquids and other external agents.


  • Smartseal® is a breathable, thin and silent membrane that repels any liquid.


  • ABSORBENT: a very absorbent fabric which can retain more water thanks to its qualities.