Protector de colchón termorregulador transpirable

Nuestro protector de colchón con cualidades termorreguladoras ayuda a mantener la temperatura constante del cuerpo a lo largo de toda la noche gracias a la tecnología Outlast, desarrollada por la NASA. De esta forma, evita despertares por cambios de temperatura. Es completamente transpirable y garantiza la protección máxima del colchón con un extra de confort. Es válido para colchones de hasta 32 cm de alto, cubriendo 5 de sus lados.
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We explain how to correctly measure the height of our products and which accessories you should choose according to the size of your bed. 

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For whom is this Thermic?

For those who want the latest in textile technology, we have created the Tencel Thermic line. Products that merge the natural fibre called Tencel with Thermic thermoregulatory treatment, absorbing humidity and keeping a constant temperature throughout the night so that you sleep well.

Linea thermicLinea thermic

What is this Breathable Mattress Cover? 

Because a breathable protector safeguards your mattress from small dirt that can damage it.


  • SANFORISED: treatment that prevents cotton fabric from shrinking excessively after washing.


  • THERMOREGULATION: adapts to the temperature of each individual for better thermal comfort.


  • 100% poliéster con tecnología Outlast® Montrose. Faldón ajustable: punto 100% poliéster. Válido para colchones de hasta 32 cm de altura.