Waterproof and breathable terry cloth pillow cover

Our terry cotton pillow cover is waterproof and breathable thanks to its Smartseal membrane and has a high capacity for absorption. It is also made with an anti-mite treatment that helps minimise allergy symptoms such as coughing and sneezing which can interrupt our rest. It has a zipper on one side to facilitate placement and adapting to the pillow. A comfortable and versatile product for everyday use.
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For whom is this Anti dust mites?

Pikolin Home's Antiallergic line has specific treatments against mites, bacteria and mould, which minimise allergy symptoms in order to provide optimal rest.

Linea antiacarosLinea antiacaros

What is this Breathable Pillow Case? 

Because a breathable pillowcase protects your pillow from mild damage.


  • Smartseal® is a breathable, thin and silent membrane that repels any liquid.


  • SILENT: it does not produce noise when moving thanks to the characteristics of its construction and fabric.


  • 80% rizo de algodón, 20% poliéster con tratamiento antiácaros. Membrana de PU, impermeable y transpirable. Cremallera en un lado.