Pack containing one Elan HR foam mattress, one wengue-coloured folding storage base and two visco pillows -

Enjoy your complete Pikolin bed with this pack containing our Elan HR foam mattress, the wengue-coloured folding storage base Naturbox, and two viscoelastic pillows Visco Medium with medium firmness and a width of 70 centimetres.
Altura: +/-58 cm
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Sorry, this product is discontinued

The wooden folding storage base that every household needs

Easy front opening system

Opening via shock absorbers for storage bases or gas pistons built into the iron fittings, which provide greater stability and durability to the folding storage base. The interior is easily accessible from all angles.

Maximum durability breathable lid

Upholstered lid with 3D breathable fabric, manufactured to facilitate the air circulation and aeration of the rest equipment.

Distinguishable solid wood corners

The headboard has straight solid wood corners, whereas the ones on the footboard are curved to avoid annoying blows.

Product details


  • Tejido exterior del colchón: POLIESTER:100 %
  • Capas del colchón: Tejido stretch, Fibercel, Núcleo Confortcel, Fibercel, Tejido stretch
  • Tapa del canapé abatible: tiene un altura de 5 cm.
  • Espesor de la cubeta del abatible: los paneles del cabecero, piecero y laterales de la cubeta del abatible tienen un grosor de 25mm.