Pack containing youth Confortcel foam mattress and white folding storage base with side opening. - APPLE+NATURBOX

Enjoy your Pikolin youth bed with this pack containing a mattress and folding storage base made up of the Apple medium-firmness Confortcel foam mattress and the Naturbox white fold-away storage base with side opening.
Altura: +/-54 cm
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Sorry, this product is discontinued

This core is made of high resilience cellular material, HR foam, which efficiently holds body weight and maintains its rest properties throughout the entire useful life of the mattress.

High adaptability

Thanks to the foaming material of the Confortcel® core, it supports and respects the curvature of the body, favouring a deep rest.

Air circulation

The pores of the foam with which this core is manufactured provide a renewed and healthy rest environment thanks to the passage of air.

Back health

This Confortcel® foaming cellular material offers a firmness that adapts to your back, guaranteeing its correct position and favouring subsequent musculoskeletal recovery.

High durability

Thanks to the high resilience of the Confortcel® technology, it guarantees an optimal performance during the useful life of the mattress.

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  • Idóneo para los más jóvenes: confort y almacenaje extra en una cama completa.

  • Equipo de descanso que se adapta perfectamente a la morfología de los más jóvenes favoreciendo su correcto desarrollo.



  • Tejido exterior del colchón: POLIESTER:100 %
  • Capas del colchón: Tejido Stretch, Viscofoam, Fibra atérmica, Núcleo Confortcel, Fibra atérmica, Viscofoam, Tejido Stretch
  • Tapa del canapé abatible: altura de 5 cm, dos tiradores de madera maciza y un arquillo lateral que sujeta el colchón.
  • Cubeta del abatible: esquinas curvas de madera maciza para evitar golpes.