Crib pillowcase 100% cotton ticking, breathable - JELLY

100% cotton pillowcase
Treated to guarantee minimum shrinkage
Ideal for heat sensitive baby, it is very breathable
It has a soft, natural texture and it is easy to maintain
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Our Cutí Pillow Cover is made of 100% sanforized cotton with high breathability and softness, it reduces the heat during rest thanks to its natural fabric. 

Keep your pillow comfortable and hygienic for a longer time.

Different features and materials

Waterproof or non-waterproof pillowcases; in cotton, Tencel or bamboo; anti-mite, anti-mite or anti-allergy. Whatever your preferences, we have a pillowcase for you.

Maximum breathability

Where there is no proper breathability, there is no rest. That's why all our pillowcases are highly breathable, preventing excessive sweating in the head area and guaranteeing comfort.

Easy to wash

For a pillow in perfect clean condition at all times, the pillowcases can be conveniently machine washed according to the instructions on the label.

What is this Breathable Pillow Case? 

Because a breathable pillowcase protects your pillow from mild damage.


  • Cotton is a natural fiber highly valued for its anti-allergic and breathable properties, ideal for fabrics in direct contact with the skin. Cotton products are characterized by being really soft and durable.


  • Composition: Sanforised, 100% cotton fabric. Side zipper.

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