Mattress protector + Tencel® pillowcase pack

This pack includes a Tencel® mattress protector and pillowcase, hyper-breathable and waterproof, perfect for taking care of your skin while protecting your mattress and pillow. Its fabric is 50% more absorbent than cotton and very soft.
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Dress your bed with the best quality

Impeccable appearance

Made only with the highest quality fabrics and excellent softness, Pikolin Home bedding accessories have an elegant and luxurious appearance.


Lightweight, comfortable to fit and easy to carry.

Easy to wash

Can be conveniently machine washed according to the instructions on the label.

What is this Breathable Mattress Cover? 

Because a breathable protector safeguards your mattress from small dirt that can damage it.


  • SANFORISED: treatment that prevents cotton fabric from shrinking excessively after washing.


  • BREATHABLE: lets air pass through the fabric, creating comfort during rest and avoiding humidity.