Padded, anti-allergy and waterproof crib mattress protector - BESITOS

Our protector/quilted mattress cover made of 100% cotton features an effective anti-allergy treatment against mites, bacteria and mould. In addition, thanks to our Smartseal membrane it is completely waterproof and breathable since it lets air pass but not liquids. It is designed for mattresses up to 32 centimetres high thanks to its elastic skirt which allows for a perfect adjustment.
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Sleep soundly by protecting your mattress

Different features for different needs

Wide range of features and treatments. In our catalogue you will find waterproof and non-waterproof, quilted and non-quilted protectors; made of cotton, fibre, bamboo or Tencel (hyper-breathable). In addition, there are options that incorporate Thermic technology (thermoregulatory), and anti-mite or aloe vera (dermoprotective) treatments.

Maximum breathability

Where there is no proper perspiration, there is no rest. That is why our protectors are highly breathable, preventing excessive perspiration and guaranteeing comfort.

Easy to wash

They can be conveniently machine washed according to the instructions on the label.

What is this Quilted Waterproof Breathable Mattress Protector? 

A waterproof and breathable quilted mattress protector/cover protects the mattress from liquids and provides extra comfort when you are resting.Because a waterproof and breathable quilted mattress protector takes good care of your mattress.


  • Smartseal® is a breathable, thin and silent membrane that repels any liquid.


  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: secure and stable hold that is easy to put on or take off for a better wash.


  • Composition: 100% cotton with Triple Barrier. Filling: Hollow siliconised fibre, 100% polyester. Film: (PU) waterproof and breathable. Skirt: 100% polyester. Suitable for mattresses up to 32cm deep.