Protector de colchón de cuna acolchado 100% algodón transpirable - MOON

Nuestro protector de colchón acolchado es 100% algodón tanto en su tejido exterior como en su relleno y es completamente transpirable gracias a su origen natural. Tiene una gran durabilidad y resistencia y es ideal para pieles sensibles gracias a sus materiales naturales. Es válido para colchones de hasta 32 cm de altura.
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We explain how to correctly measure the height of our products and which accessories you should choose according to the size of your bed. 

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For whom is this Natural?

For cotton and natural fiber lovers. People who seek utility, softness and resistance above all tend to opt for our natural line. All-natural origin products improved for more functional and effective functionality to ensure a good sleep.

Linea naturaLinea natura

What is this Quilted Breathable Mattress Protector? 

Because a non-waterproof breathable quilted protector comfortably protects the mattress from stains.


  • SANFORISED: treatment that prevents cotton fabric from shrinking excessively after washing.


  • BREATHABLE: lets air pass through the fabric, creating comfort during rest and avoiding humidity.


  • Tejido superior e inferior: 100% algodón. Relleno: 100% algodón. Faldón: 100% algodón. Válido para colchones de hasta 32 cm de altura.