Buying guide.

Buying guide.

Which mattress is the best for you?

Discover what is your perfect mattress

We know that buying a mattress is a complex purchase. There is so much information, many technical innovations that can sometimes create confusion.

We have it clear. The only important thing is that you have what you want, the right and perfect mattress for you, which makes you feel good in the morning.

Each individual has different sleep needs, so it is highly recommended that before visiting a store have some time to read those questions. An easy guide to help you before you go to a store. It will clarify what are your needs and that will make much easier and more effective the purchasing process.

First thing is that you keep in mind that it is a product with you will live between 8 and 10 years and our only interest is to give you the clues to have the perfect mattress for you. No doubt a good mattress will have a positive effect on your health.


  • Check the mattress you currently sleep on:

    The brand, technology if specified: springs or foam, and if you do not know, do what you want firm or is it soft? Are you satisfied with it? Do you want to repeat the experience or prefer changing? This will be the main reference, your current comfort level. Decide if you are happy with it or prefer to change.
  • The mattress you have, do you remember when you bought it?

    The average life of a mattress is between 8 to 10 years. Why? Because the upper layers of the mattress will wear over time losing its comfort properties. Hygiene is another relevant issue. Body, naturally loses daily skin flakes, the skin, is the feeding basis of microscopic mites. Therefore, it is very important that you ask for hygienic treatments when buying a mattress.
  • What size has the mattress you need?

    Width: measure the one you have at home. If you want a new one be sure that this measure allows the person or persons who will sleep to have their "living space" between them. Nobody likes to wake up in the movements of the other person. Length: also important. You should leave at least 10-15 additional centimeters of the tallest person to sleep in the bed. Today lengths of 2 meters are pretty standard.
  • Who and where will you use?

    Is it to the master bedroom? for a holiday home? Is it for a geographical area with high humidity? Is it for a baby, child or adult? Is it for two people or one? How much do they weigh? Is there much difference in weight between those two people? Is it for a warm person? What position do you usually sleep? Are you allergic to dust mites?
  • Have you thought on the budget that want to invest on the mattress?

    As a general rule you pay for what you buy, a bargain is not a bargain if you can not sleep well. One way to give the real value of a mattress is to divide the price by the number of nights you sleep on it: an average of 3,650 nights!
  • What foundation do you have? Upholstered or box spring?

    Not all mattresses are valid for all bases. The mattress and foundation are as a team, work together to provide a good rest.
  • Need / want to change the mattress foundation?

    The base has a durability that the mattress but also suffers wear . Rate if you are interested in changing the mattress and the base at a time, have the advantage of getting a perfect combination of components and also the possibility of increasing the size of the bed , from 135-150 or 150-180 wide open.
  • And... what is best: visco, latex, spring, technical foams, HR foam, Gel Foam...?

    There is no any ideal material, each person has its own needs for sleep and that is what makes the best combination. Ideally, unless you have a clear preferences on the material you need, is better not to go out and look for technologies. It's simple, what we seek is a product that allows us to sleep well. The technology is the means to get a good rest but first you must know what comfort is best for us. Go to a retailer, try and trust your feelings. That is what really matters.

If in doubt go to one of our dealers will advise you professionally.


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