DUO 92% down 4-season duvet, 120 + 160 g

Our DUO 92% down duvet is made up of two fillings of 120 g and 160 g that can be joined with snap fastenings depending on the time of year and the coverage required in bed. It is made of cotton fabric that includes a downproof treatment, which prevents feathers from migrating to the outside and allows the duvet to remain in better condition for longer. It can be used in three different ways: the 120 g or 160 g separately in the warmer seasons and together for the colder months.
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For sleeping as comfortably as in the best hotels

Light and warm

Down duvets are not heavy, but they are very warm. Because down is a 100% natural material that has a powerful heating power.

Maximum breathability and insulation

Down is naturally breathable, ensuring a healthy sleep, without excessive sweating and full of comfort. It is also insulating, providing effective protection from the cold and damp.

Easy to wash

Machine washable on a gentle cycle. It is recommended to put a few tennis balls in the drum with the duvet, which will prevent the filling from caking. And, once dry, hollow out the duvet so that the feather is evenly distributed over the entire surface.

Why to buy this All Year Round Duvet ?

Because you can combine 2 duvets if it is cold or use each one loose according to your heat needs.


  • Downproof: is a treatment that prevents feathers from spilling out of down products.


  • ROOM TEMPERATURE: the temperature where we sleep is key to choosing a duvet which is either down or fibre.