DUO Aloe Vera 150+300 gr 4 Seasons fibre duvet

Two hypoallergenic fibre duvets with aloe vera
Attached with hook and eye fasteners: 300 gr + 150 gr fillings
With Aloe Vera, it respects even the most sensitive skins
Ideal if you want to vary the warmth of your duvet according to the season
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Our DUO duvet combines comfort and versatility to meet the needs of the best rest. Made with hypoallergenic Ecolofil hollow siliconised fibre, it provides better air circulation, which guarantees thermal regulation to avoid excess humidity. In addition, its down-like soft-touch outer fabric includes a dermoprotective Aloe Vera treatment, known for its soothing and refreshing properties, ideal for people with sensitive and atopic skin. Its ability to adapt to any season of the year is thanks to the fact that it can be used in three different ways: You can use only a single 150 gr duvet for nights with average temperatures, a single 300 gr duvet as a coat in autumn-winter, or combine both by means of hook and loop fasteners forming a single 450 gr duvet for really cold temperatures.

The solution to sleep comfortably and warmly all year round.

Different weights for different seasons

A duvet can be used all year round, but depending on the outside temperature, a heavier or lighter filling should be chosen. As a general rule, for spring and summer a fibre duvet of 125-150 gr/m² is ideal, for autumn-winter a fibre duvet of 300 gr/m², and for winter a duvet of 400 gr/m² or more.

Maximum breathability without risk of allergies

Made with top quality fibre, totally breathable and hypoallergenic.

Easy to wash

Machine washable. It is recommended to put a few tennis balls in the drum with the duvet, which will prevent the filling from caking.

Why to buy this All Year Round Duvet ?

Because you can combine 2 duvets if it is cold or use each one loose according to your heat needs.


  • The fibre duo/double duvet is made up of a light 150gr duvet and a warmer 300gr duvet, suitable for all seasons. The light duvet is recommended for spring/summer and the warm one for autumn/winter.

  • This duvet is the best choice if you live in an area with great thermal contrasts or want a useful and versatile option throughout the year.

  • The two duvets can be used at the same time thanks to a connection system with brackets. The result is an incredibly warm 450gr duvet suitable for the coldest temperatures.


  • Filling: silicone hollow fibre, hypoallergenic, down touch.

  • Filling: silicone hollow fibre, hypoallergenic, down touch.

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1 reviews
  1. Luis Coelho 7/09/2023
    Great product so far, delivered very quickly
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