DUO duvet duvet 92% down 120 + 160 gr 4 seasons

Our 92% down DUO duvet is composed of two fillings of 120 gr and 160 gr that can be joined together with hook and loop fasteners depending on the time of year and the warmth needed in the bed. It is made with cotton fabric that includes a downproof treatment, which prevents the down from migrating to the outside and allows the duvet to be kept in better conditions for longer. It can be used in three ways: individually in 120 gr or 160 gr in the case of warmer seasons and together for the colder months.
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For whom is this Natural?

For cotton and natural fiber lovers. People who seek utility, softness and resistance above all tend to opt for our natural line. All-natural origin products improved for more functional and effective functionality to ensure a good sleep.

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Why to buy this All Year Round Duvet ?

Because you can combine 2 duvets if it is cold or use each one loose according to your heat needs.