Edredón nórdico de fibra antialérgico invierno de 400gr

Edredón nórdico de fibra hueca siliconada Ecolofil de 400 gr con tejido exterior de microfibra perchada Silktouch extra suave para las noches de invierno o habitaciones con temperaturas frías. Tiene tratamiento antialérgico Triple barrera eficaz contra ácaros, bacterias y moho. Disfruta de una temperatura de descanso uniforme con un edredón de tacto suave y de fácil mantenimiento.
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For whom is this Ant allergic?

It is designed for those who value hypoallergenic environments free of mites, bacteria and mould. Our Triple Barrier line of mattress protectors, pillow covers and duvets maintain a cleaner and healthier environment for a longer period of time and also reduce symptoms associated to allergies.

Linea triple barreraLinea triple barrera

Why to buy this Winter Duvet?

Because a Winter duvet is the best for room temperatures under 19 degrees.


  • Silk Touch Microfiber: microfibers with hypoallergenic properties of shine and softness similar to silk.


  • ROOM TEMPERATURE: the temperature where we sleep is key to choosing a duvet which is either down or fibre.


  • Tejido exterior: microfibra Silktouch 100% con tratamiento Triple Barrera. Relleno: fibra hueca siliconada Ecolofil 100% poliéster.

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