Edredón nórdico de fibra antibacteriano otoño/invierno 300gr

Nuestro edredón nórdico de fibra hueca siliconada Ecolofil de 300 gramos está especialmente recomendado para los meses de otoño e invierno y para habitaciones con temperaturas medias y frías. Está confeccionado en su tejido exterior con microfibra perchada Silktouch extra suave y con nuestro tratamiento Hygenic, que elimina las bacterias y neutraliza los malos olores. Es un relleno nórdico de fácil mantenimiento, ya que puede lavarse y secarse a máquina para una limpieza total.
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The solution to sleep comfortably and warmly all year round.

Different weights for different seasons

A duvet can be used all year round, but depending on the outside temperature, a heavier or lighter filling should be chosen. As a general rule, for spring and summer a fibre duvet of 125-150 gr/m² is ideal, for autumn-winter a fibre duvet of 300 gr/m², and for winter a duvet of 400 gr/m² or more.

Maximum breathability without risk of allergies

Made with top quality fibre, totally breathable and hypoallergenic.

Easy to wash

Machine washable. It is recommended to put a few tennis balls in the drum with the duvet, which will prevent the filling from caking.

Why to buy this Autumn/Winter Duvet ?

Because in Autumn or Winter or for rooms that are about 20º is the most suitable duvet.


  • Silk Touch Microfiber: microfibers with hypoallergenic properties of shine and softness similar to silk.


  • ROOM TEMPERATURE: the temperature where we sleep is key to choosing a duvet which is either down or fibre.