Edredón nórdico de fibra reciclada para otoño/invierno 300gr

Nuestro edredón nórdico ecológico está confeccionado con fibras recicladas a partir del plástico PET de botellas y otros envases. Por sus 300 gr está recomendado para otoño/invierno o para habitaciones con temperaturas medias o frías. Con el confort de siempre para que descanses como te mereces, la fibra reciclada de su interior nos ayuda a cuidar el planeta al usar materiales reciclados.
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Guide to heights and measurements

We explain how to correctly measure the height of our products and which accessories you should choose according to the size of your bed. 

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For whom is this Eco?

For those who believe in a better world without sacrificing comfort, we have developed a line of products made from recycled fibre. You can save raw materials and energy in order to extend the planet's life without giving up a good night's sleep with our ECO product line.

Linea ecoLinea eco

Why to buy this Autumn/Winter Duvet ?

Because in Autumn or Winter or for rooms that are about 20º is the most suitable duvet.


  • Silk Touch Microfiber: microfibers with hypoallergenic properties of shine and softness similar to silk.


  • ROOM TEMPERATURE: the temperature where we sleep is key to choosing a duvet which is either down or fibre.

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