Fibre and Tencel duvet for autumn/winter, 250 g

Our duvet filled with Ecolofil silicone-coated hollow fibre and 250g Tencel with a soft touch similar to down is hyper-breathable and perfect for autumn and winter nights and rooms with medium and cold temperatures. Its combination of Ecolofil silicone-coated hollow fibre with Tencel wicks away moisture and provides excellent comfort and freshness for a good night’s rest.
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For whom is this Tencel?

For people who value highly breathable and sustainable products our Tencel line of products is perfect. It's a fiber made from the remains of eucalyptus tree that allows for excess moisture to evaporate faster than any other fabric helping you sleep better.

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Why to buy this Autumn/Winter Duvet ?

Because in Autumn or Winter or for rooms that are about 20º is the most suitable duvet.


  • ECOLOFIL® FEATHER TOUCH are siliconised polyester fibres that are very comfortable and feel similar to feather.


  • QUILTING: the Ecolofil silicone hollow fibre filling improves comfort on the bed, thus providing extra comfort.


  • Tejido 100% viscosa. Relleno: fibra hueca siliconada 50% Lyocell (Tencel®) - 50% Ecolofil® tacto plumón. Confeccionado en cuadros de 30x30 cm. Con vivo alrededor.