Triple Barrier ®

Triple Barrier ®

Barrier that acts by blocking the three main sources of problems in a bed surface: bacteria, mites and fungi.

Prevents dustmites to appear.

Prevents a broad spectrum of fungi to appear.

Prevents and hinders the growth of bacteria in the broadest spectrum.

Of course, a totally safe treatment for humans.

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Why is unique the Triple Barrier?

  • This is a development that clearly marks a before and after in Sleep hygiene. It is an application developed by Pikolin that can be incorporated into the foam, or any other foam padding.
  • The standard treatments that can be found on the market can only be applied on fabrics so that their effectiveness is reduced. This barrier acts againts mites, bacteria and fungi between the upper layers, just below the fabric.
  • The advantage of this new development means the total blockade of the three main sources of hygienic problems in a sleep surface that generate unwanted odors and allergic reactions.


  • A proper hygiene of the bed will prevent the development of many allergic reactions. The peak incidence of allergies occurs during childhood and youth. Therefore, parents should have in mind some issues to improve the quality of life for their children. Pikolin, in their continuous effort to ensure hygiene on their bedding systems has developed and patented two technologies that seek to minimize the permanent presence of the three sources of health problems on a mattress: bacteria, dustmites and fungi.

Triple Barrera® Se trata de un desarrollo que marca claramente un antes y un después en la higiene en del descanso.

What is difference from other treatments available?

  • Duration:

    This treatment is PERMANENT. The active ingredient is mixed in as the foam is manufactured, which means it remains INSIDE each polyhedral cell of the material.
  • Effectiveness:

    Since it is found just below the fabric (where the dust mites nest), it provides maximum effectiveness.
  • The widest spectrum:

    Sleepers are protected from the main causes of hygiene problems: dust mites, bacteria and fungi. A development specifically designed for beds.
  • Added benefits:

    This strong active ingredient inhibits the growth of dust mites, bacteria and fungi, creating a healthy environment, preventing and hindering the appearance of bad odours.

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