Colchón antiácaros de espuma viscoelástica - SPRINT

El colchón Sprint es un modelo antiácaros de espuma viscoelástica y HR de alta densidad de firmeza media perfecto para descansar de forma plena, profunda y encontrar el mejor soporte para las caderas o la espalda. Gracias a sus tecnologías, se adapta perfectamente al contorno de tu cuerpo, lo acoge suavemente y le dota de la firmeza necesaria para obtener un sueño reparador.
Sorry, this product is discontinued

Who is this Pikolin HR foam core mattress good for?

This mattress will adapt perfectly to your body, increasing the comfort so that you can sleep completely relaxed. Its ergonomics provides a completely satisfactory rest. It is also equipped with the Triple Barrier hygienic treatment that protects the mattress from allergic elements.

Why buy this Pikolin HR foam core mattress?

The first question is, what do you want in your ideal mattress? To find the model that best suits you, you should thoroughly analyse the characteristics that you require in a mattress. Elasticity, breathability and a superior quality feel are some of the main characteristics that make you choose between one mattress and another.
The HR foam core mattresses are manufactured with a material exclusive to Pikolin, which has been designed so that you can sleep peacefully. It is a highly resilient cellular foam material with a synthetic base, which guarantees good firmness and the best adaptability.


  • Confortcel®: The Confortcel® core of this mattress receives the natural curvature of the body, providing the stability and firmness you are looking for. 

  • Viscofoam®: The Viscofoam® technology in the padding of this mattress is responsible for reducing pressure points and tensions on the neck, head and cervical spine.



  • Tejido exterior: POLIESTER:100 %
  • Capas: Tejido Stretch, Viscofoam, Fibercel, núcleo de Confortcel, Fibercel, Viscofoam, tejido Stretch
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