Colchón de firmeza media con muelles ensacados y visco de alta densidad - PODIUM PLUS

El Podium Plus es un colchón de muelles ensacados y firmeza media con una capa viscoelástica de alta densidad HR que proporciona un gran confort para dormir plácidamente cada noche. Se trata de un modelo de alto confort que responde a las expectativas de los que buscan un colchón de altísima calidad y transpirabilidad.
Sorry, this product is discontinued

Who is this Pikolin Adapt Tech® pocket spring mattress good for?

If you want to enjoy the pocket spring technology, this mattress is for you. Pocket spring mattresses adapt 100% to your body shape. They also ensure that your partner’s movements do not interfere with your sleep.

Why buy this Pikolin Adapt Tech® pocket spring core mattress?

Adapt Tech® pocket spring mattresses have all the technologies you need to sleep well every night. The pocket springs adapt to the sleep of every person, offering great adaptability and ventilation during sleep.
Thanks to their careful design, these mattresses help your muscles to relax fully every night, a perfect benefit to sleep in harmony every night. The shock absorber on these mattresses provides them with a perfect stability, whereas the Adapt Tech® pocket spring system ensures that the mattress adapts to your most comfortable position every night to obtain a fully restful sleep.


  • Adapt Tech® Zone: The Adapt Tech® Zone core with which this mattress is equipped is a block of pocket springs with bed independence that adapts point by point to the morphology of each sleeper. It has been designed to give a personalised response to body movements during sleep.

  • Viscofoam®: The Viscofoam® technology in the padding of this mattress is responsible for reducing pressure points and tensions on the neck, head and cervical spine.



  • Tejido exterior: POLIESTER:100 %
  • Capas: Tejido Stretch, acolchado Viscofoam, capa de Fibercel, amortiguador en poliéter reforzado de alta densidad, bloque de muelles ensacados Adapt Tech Zone, amortiguador en poliéter reforzado de alta densidad, capa de Fibercel, acolchado Viscofoam, tejido Stretch