Colchón de material celular Bultex Firm - ROSE

El colchón Rose de material celular avanzado Bultex Firm está compuesto por el núcleo Bultex Firm y capa de acolchado Fibercel. El material celular Bultex Firm potencia una acogida gradual y actúa de forma activa en las zonas en las que el cuerpo más lo necesita, con un extra de confort y firmeza. Su acolchado de Fibercel, es una combinación de fibra atérmica y una capa de poliéter HR que consigue crear un confort extra suave y deja pasar de forma continuada el aire durante el descanso para una mejor transpiración. Todos los colchones Bultex cuentan con la tecnología de Barrera total, protección higiénica integral. Barrera que bloquea el desarrollo de las tres principales fuentes de problemas higiénicos: bacterias, ácaros y hongos.
Altura: +/-28,00cm
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Who is this Bultex® mattress good for?

For all those who want to enjoy all the advantages of sleeping on a mattress with Bultex® technology, a material with exclusive properties for a perfect balance.

Why buy this Bultex mattress?

Bultex mattresses have spent over 30 years perfecting themselves as a product synonymous with trust and quality.
These mattresses have an irregular honeycomb structure, which provides them with a multitude of advantages. One of these is their progressive adaptability that favours full bed independence.
Bultex mattresses are manufactured with materials that guarantee the breathability of the entire mattress, creating a hygienic and healthy environment that prevents the accumulation of moisture and promotes heat dispersion. These mattresses also have the Total Barrier hygienic treatment that fights to keep the mattress free from mites, fungi and other allergic elements.


  • Bultex® Firm: The Bultex Firm® core enhances a gradual reception for every person and acts actively in the areas of the body that need it most. 

  • Fibercel®: The Fibercel® padding with which this mattress is equipped allows air to pass continuously, favouring its ventilation.



  • Exterior fabric: POLIESTER:100 %
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