Colchón de muelles y espuma viscoelástica de alta densidad - ARCE

El colchón de muelles y espuma viscoelástica Arce es un modelo de firmeza media y transpiración media-alta que ha sido diseñado para ofrecerte el descanso más completo. Disfruta de la sensación de levantarte cada mañana con energía renovada gracias a la combinación de todas las ventajas de un colchón de muelles con amortiguador en poliéter reforzado que ofrece un descanso equilibrado y un confort insuperable.
Sorry, this product is discontinued

Who is this Pikolin Normablock® spring mattress good for?

This Normablock® continuous thread spring mattress is perfect for those who are looking to benefit from the advanced technology of spring mattresses. By reducing and distributing pressure points, you can benefit from a high level of relaxation during the night. It also favours a healthier back position and a practically full absence of movement between its two differentiated beds. It's perfect if you are going to share a mattress!

Why buy this Pikolin Normablock® core mattress?

Normablock® core mattresses have a block of continuous thread springs that offer a wide variety of benefits that do not go unnoticed.
These mattresses have been designed to offer greater support to the lumbar area, preventing the mattress from collapsing and favouring the aligned position of the spine. In this way, Normablock® mattresses facilitate optimal rest, avoiding bad postures.
Due to the longitudinal connection of their rows of springs, they are also able to isolate movements to prevent those sleepers who share mattresses from being disturbed. They present a high durability and generate less pressure on the body.
If you want a spring mattress equipped with the best technologies, choose your Normablock® mattress for a good rest.


  • Normablock®: This mattress has a Normablock® spring core, which is made from continuous thread springs that provide the firmness you need for a full and restful sleep. 

  • Fibercel®: The Fibercel® padding with which this mattress is equipped allows air to pass continuously, favouring its ventilation.



  • Tejido exterior: POLIESTER:100 %
  • Capas: Tejido Stretch, Fibercel, amortiguador en poliéter de alta densidad, bloque de muelles Normablock, amortiguador en poliéter de alta densidad, Fibercel, tejido Stretch

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