HR foam 20 cm high mattress for children with washable cover - PIKUP KIDS

PIKUP Kids is the perfect solution for your little ones to rest. This mattress arrives at your home in a box that is easy to transport and handle. You only have to open the box, unroll it and wait for it to recover its shape. Then your little one can enjoy the best rest that only a Pikolin mattress can provide. PIKUP Kids has the ideal firmness and comfort for the correct development of children. Its high resilience foaming cellular material favours permanent air circulation and reduces pressure points, providing maximum adaptability and resistance. With high firmness, which is key for the correct postural development of children, and a height of +/- 20 centimetres, this high resilience cellular material mattress combines a layer of athermic fibre and a layer of polyester fibre that provide extra soft comfort and greater breathability. PIKUP Kids has a removable cover that guarantees maximum hygiene and durability for the little ones to rest. Thanks to the incorporated zipper, you can remove the cover easily whenever you wish and wash it in your washing machine. This level of comfort is accompanied by the Triple Barrier total hygiene protection technology, which protects the mattress against the development of the main bacterial sources: mites, bacteria and fungi.
Altura: +/-20,00cm
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Why buy this Pikolin HR foam core mattress?

The first question is, what do you want in your ideal mattress? To find the model that best suits you, you should thoroughly analyse the characteristics that you require in a mattress. Elasticity, breathability and a superior quality feel are some of the main characteristics that make you choose between one mattress and another.
The HR foam core mattresses are manufactured with a material exclusive to Pikolin, which has been designed so that you can sleep peacefully. It is a highly resilient cellular foam material with a synthetic base, which guarantees good firmness and the best adaptability.


  • Insulating Fibre: Enjoy a great night’s sleep thanks to the thermal insulating fibre padding in this mattress that offers soft comfort and high ventilation performance.


  • Tejido exterior: POLIESTER:100 %
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