O colchao de molas mais prático -

Nuestro colchón Adagio es la combinación perfecta de muelles y funcionalidad para tu descanso. Este modelo, consta de un núcleo de muelles de hilo continuo Normablock que permite un confort suave y fresco, y gracias a su capa de Fibercel, que combina fibra atérmica con fibra de poliéter, ofrece un alto nivel de transpirabilidad. Todos los colchones de Pikolin cuentan con la tecnología de higiene total Triple Barrera que protege y previene contra el desarrollo de las principales fuentes bacterianas de un colchón: ácaros, bacterias y hongos.
Altura: +/-25,50cm
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We explain how to correctly measure the height of our products and which accessories you should choose according to the size of your bed. 

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Sorry, this product is discontinued

The most advanced system of Z-shaped continuous thread springs on the market that offers the necessary firmness and adaptation for a full rest.

Healthy back position

We add a greater number of springs to the lumbar area to favour the recovery of the spine and back muscles.

Independent movement

The longitudinal joining of the rows of springs offers more stability to the core, isolating the movements that each person generates when sleeping.


The continuous thread springs offer greater durability of the useful life of the mattress by not integrating knots into the springs, together with a heat treatment applied to the entire core.

Less body pressure

We maximise the number of springs to improve stability with a better distribution of pressure.

Internal air circulation

They do not contain any internal barrier with the aim of favouring air circulation and maintaining the hygiene and durability of the materials.

Product details


  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester and stretch fabric
  • Layers: stretch fabric, Fibercel, high density reinforced polyether, Normablock, high density reinforced polyether, Fibercel and stretch fabric
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