Pack containing one spring mattress Arce Normablock, one glacier-coloured folding storage base and two visco pillows -

Enjoy your complete Pikolin bed with this pack containing our Normablock spring mattress Arce, the glacier-coloured folding storage base Naturbox, and two viscoelastic pillows Visco Medium with medium firmness and a width of 70 centimetres.
Altura: +/-57,50 cm
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Who is this Pikolin Normablock® spring mattress good for?

This Normablock® continuous thread spring mattress is perfect for those who are looking to benefit from the advanced technology of spring mattresses. By reducing and distributing pressure points, you can benefit from a high level of relaxation during the night. It also favours a healthier back position and a practically full absence of movement between its two differentiated beds. It's perfect if you are going to share a mattress!


  • Tecido exterior: POLIÉSTER: 100%
  • Camadas: Tecido elástico, Fibercel, poliéster reforçado, núcleo Normablock, poliéster reforçado, Fibercel, tecido elástico.
  • Tampa do abatível: tem uma altura de 5 cm.
  • Espessura da caixa do abatível: os painéis da cabeceira, da peseira, das laterias e da caixa de arrumação do abatível têm uma espessura de 25 mm.
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