Anti dust mite fibre duvet 150gr/m

This 150g/m² duvet is hypoallergenic and offers total protection against dust mites. It combines hollow siliconized fibre with soft microfibre on its outside, providing maximum comfort during spring and summer nights.
Pikolin Home
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Main measures:
140X200 Compatible Measures: Cama de 90
135X200 Compatible Measures: Cama de 90
200X200 Compatible Measures: Cama de 120
220x220 Compatible Measures: Cama de 135/140
240x220 Compatible Measures: Cama de 150/160
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For whom is this Anti dust mites?

Pikolin Home's Antiallergic line has specific treatments against mites, bacteria and mould, which minimise allergy symptoms in order to provide optimal rest.

Linea antiacarosLinea antiacaros

Why to buy this Duvet Spring/Summer?

A lightweight duvet is ideal for spring and summer, centrally heated homes, or rooms with average or warm temperatures.


  • ECOLOFIL® FEATHER TOUCH are siliconised polyester fibres that are very comfortable and feel similar to feather.


  • ROOM TEMPERATURE: the temperature where we sleep is key to choosing a duvet which is either down or fibre.


  • Composition: Cover: Microfiber, 100% polyester, feather touch with Aloe Vera treatment. Filling: Hollow siliconised fibre, down touch, 100% polyester.

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