Foldable ergonomic memory foam pillow for relief on legs and knees

Our ergonomic foldable memory foam pillow with medium firmness for knee support is the perfect solution for those who sleep on their side with their knees together or like to rest with them raised high. It has been specially designed to adapt to the shape of the legs in these positions so that it can be bent or unfolded depending on how you use it. Thanks to the memory foam material inside, it helps to relax pressure areas and improve blood flow. It features snap fastening.
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What is this Ergonomic memory foam pillows? 

These pillows help relieve muscle aches and blood pressure in specific parts of the body, such as the neck, legs, knees, lower back or tailbone.


  • ULTRA ADAPTABILITY: latex or memory foam which are extremely adaptable to the body.


  • ERGONOMIC: it has been designed with posture and anatomy in mind to promote a natural posture.


  • Composition: fabric: velour jacquard cotton with Aloe vera treatment. Core: memory foam divided in two pieces.