100% anti-mite cotton woven fibre cushion filling

Ecolofil silicone-coated hollow fibre cushion filling with an extra soft feel similar to down and outer fabric made of 100% cotton with anti-mite treatment. It is ideal for decorating your bed next to the pillows or for decorating your sofa. It can also be used as a pillow for resting thanks to its construction and high resilience. High breathability and easy maintenance.
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For whom is this Anti dust mites?

Pikolin Home's Antiallergic line has specific treatments against mites, bacteria and mould, which minimise allergy symptoms in order to provide optimal rest.

Linea antiacarosLinea antiacaros


  • BREATHABLE: lets air pass through the fabric, creating comfort during rest and avoiding humidity.


  • GUARANTEE: years that the manufacturer guarantees the replacement of the product if it is defective.