Anti-mite side sleeper pillow, high Firmness - DEIYI

Hypoallergenic fibre pillow, with a 100% cotton outer cover
With high firmness, highly recommended for side sleepers
With anti-mite treatment, it prevents allergy symptoms
Ideal for heat sensitive people, it is very breathable
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Fibre pillow with double cotton cover of high firmness, recommended for side sleeping. It is made with an anti-dust mite treatment that helps to minimise allergy symptoms.

Head and neck wellness whatever your needs are

A design to suit you

Hypoallergenic fibre pillow, viscoelastic pillow for a perfect fit of head and neck, luxurious natural feather pillow or latex pillow with the highest quality, the materials of our pillows fit your preferences. Also their design, often ergonomically designed to alleviate and prevent physical discomfort.

Recommendations according to sleeping posture

Firmness is important when choosing a pillow. Choose a high firmness pillow if you usually sleep on your side, a medium firmness pillow if you sleep on your back or change position a lot, and a low firmness pillow if you sleep on your stomach.

Special treatments

Our anti-dust mite and anti-allergy pillows are designed to make life easier for allergy sufferers. They prevent the appearance of allergens that threaten your sleep, and prevent coughing and sneezing.


  • GUARANTEE: years that the manufacturer guarantees the replacement of the product if it is defective.

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