Ergolam Electrico

Ref: SR020581, CP17449

Futurlam bed frame and Confortcel mattress pack

We offer the best solution for a good night's sleep: our electrically-adjustable base with visco-elastic mattress. We tailor ourselves to you!

Description and details


  • Metallic articulated bed frame with motor and 5  articulation planes. Emergency battery in case of power failure.
  • The headboard and the footboard can be operated independently. Besides, in double-sized beds it has two bases with their own articulation of the headboard and the footboard.
  • Exterior frame which is a rectangular steel tube with rounded corners. Great resistance and durability.
  • Small arch which holds – the mattress at the footboard.
  • Anti-slip rubber supports and active suspension swivel on the frame and the central beam which help distribute pressures generated by the sleeper more efficiently.
  • Maximum ADAPTAILITY and active ELASTICITY,guaranteed by:
    • 28 wooden slats arranged two by two (14x2), which absorb the applied pressure.
    • Reinforced central part with lumbar regulation: its 6 (3x2 for single size) / 12 (6x2 for double size) double slats with independent firmness regulators allow adapting the firmness to the characteristics of each user.
  • Legs measuring 26 cm (6.7 inches) are included. [Total height from bedframe cover to floor 33.5 cm (13.2 inches)].
    • 4 legs in single-sized beds.
    • 5 legs in double-sized beds