Futurlam Electrical Wooden

Ref: SR02066

Futurlam wooden bed frames - Electrically-adjustable

Our 5-level, adjustable wooden base adapts to your sleep. Maximum comfort and design!

Description and details


  • Electric articulated bed frame achieving a total of 5 real planes.
  • The fifth plane has a pillow effect, which allows the head to adopt a comfortable position.
  • Wooden frame with cherry tree colour and 120 mm (4.72 inches) high. Joint corners with a rectangular shape.
  • Independent laminated wooden slats which are arranged two by two through rubber supports SBS:
    • For single-bed sizes it includes 26 (13x2) slats.
    • For double-bed sizes, it includes a total of 52 slats distributed between the 2 integrated bases (13x2x2), avoiding the transmission of movements thanks to its 2 independent sleeping zones
  • 4 (2x2) central double slats with 8 lumbar regulators in single sizes which allow you to adapt the firmness to the characteristics of each different user. In double-bed sizes, 8 (2x2x2) central double slats with 16 lumbar regulators.
  • SBS Rubber stays with a lateral extension for a larger support surface for the mattress and with medium-haul suspension for greater comfort of the sleeper.
  • Reinforced Ironwork with Epoxi paint.
  • Equipped with a powerful, silent movement motor and with the option of emergency lowering in case of electrical power failure.
  • Activation through a wired remote control  for greater comfort.
  • Small mattress holding arches are included:
    • for single-bed sizes: 1 at the footboard and 2 lateral ones.
    • For double-bed sizes: 2 at the footboard and 4 lateral ones.
  • Wooden legs measuring 17 cm (6.7 inches) are included. (Total height from bedframe cover to floor: 33.5 cm (13.2 inches).
    • 4 legs in single-sized beds.
    • 7 legs in double-sized beds