Multislat SM26R

Ref: SR40028

Pikolin fixed bed frame SM26R - Maximum stability

Its central crossbar provides better resistance and a personalised night's sleep.

Description and details

  • Frame which is a rectangular steel tube with a central beam in double-sized beds, in grey colour.
  • Anti-slip rubber supports and active suspension swivel on the frame and the central beam which help distribute pressures generated by the sleeper more efficiently.
  • Perfect stability: its central beam in double-sized beds provides greater resistance and personalised sleep, avoiding the transmission of movements thanks to its 2 independent sleeping zones.
  • Maximum ADAPTAILITY and active ELASTICITY,guaranteed by:
    • 26 wooden slats organised two by two (13x2), which abrorb the applied pressure and guarantee a longer useful life for any kind of mattress.
    • 7 sleeping zones, perfectly differentiated and symmetrically distributed with different firmness for a perfect adaptation to each part of the body.
    • Reinforced central part with lumbar regulation: its 6 (3x2 for single size) / 12 (6x2 for double size) double slats with independent firmness regulators allow adapting the firmness to the characteristics of each user.
  • Maximum heat dispersion: the different slats that are used and the multiple uniform spaces among the slats guarantee optimal ventilation in the sleeping equipment.
  • Babysitter kit option: Reinforced sup. canguro Kit KT47050 or standard sup. babysitter kit KT47023 / Child. babysitter Kit. KT47013.
  • 2 StonePik legs kit with height 26cm (10.23 inches), ref. JP18040.000.260.00.