Ref: SR40049

Pikolin Fibermaster - Your bed frame with fibre slats

Base for double mattresses, designed by Pikolin to offer maximum adaptability to your sleep.

Description and details


  • Exterior frame which is a rectangular grey steel tube with a central beam in double-sized beds, avoiding the transmission of movements thanks to its 2 separate independent sleeping zones.
  • Carbon fibre slats designed and manufactured exclusively for Pikolin, of maximum resistance, adaptability and firmness which provide perfect performance for any kind of mattress.
  • 3 sleeping zones:
    • Lumbar zone, which consists of 3 central slats with firmness regulators.
    • The shoulders and legs zones consist of 2 + 2 slats respectively.
    • Intermediate zones with a total of 6 slats.
  • Rinforced lateral supports, which provide extra firmness to the bedframe on the 3 sleeping zones.
  • PIKOLIN patented slats, with water-repelling, fireproof and resistance properties which are superior to traditional wooden slats.
  • Babysitter kit option: Reinforced sup. babysitter Kit KT47050 or standard sup. babysitter kit KT47023 / Child. babysitter Kit. KT47013.
  • 2 StonePik legs kit with height 26cm (10.23 inches), ref. JP18040.000.260.00.