Ecore Mattress Bultex 135x190

Ref: e-core CP15229

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The intelligent mattress with Bultex.

The SmartPik Ecore mattress from Pikolin is composed of various layers to guarantee the best possible rest. Its extremely smooth stretch fabric combines with the polyester layer to help enhance comfort. Your mattress with progression visco enables you to always find the ideal posture while sleeping, completely relaxing the muscles.

Core material:



Medium High

Hygienic protection:

Super High



Bed independence:




The intelligent mattress with Bultex. capas

Mattress layers:

  1. Highly smooth stretch fabric.
  2. The polyurethane foam provides further comfort.
  3. Its Progression Visco® padding, Supersoft® padding and Viscofoam® favours an ideal posture to rest and helps the muscles relax completely.
  4. The BLOCK has two differentiated layers:
    Bultex Confort® for a first embrace.
    Bultex Firmeza®. A core that adapts to the weight and musculature of people, providing the exact support needed.

B Barrera Total®: Hygienic treatment against dust mites, bacteria and fungi.

Its manufacturing with a semi-cover provides the mattress with outstanding aesthetics and it allows the internal components to function better.

Mattress technologies:

  • Smartpik®: The SmartPik technology by PIKOLIN accompanies you while you rest and helps you improve your resting habits and achieve a healthier lifestyle.
  • Memory Foam®: Memory foam thermal-sensitive material. It diffuses body pressure on the mattress surface more easily, and adapts to the thermal imprint of each body. It reduces the amount of position changes while sleeping, allowing for a deeper, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Barrera Total®: Integral hygiene protection. Barrier that blocks the development of the three main sources of hygiene issues in beds: bacteria, dust mites and fungi.


Memory Foam:

Thermosensitive viscolastic material. It has the memory effect of BULTEX ® TECHNOLOGY.


Enjoy the comfort of the leading cellular material in the foam technology market. Its adaptability, resistance and breathability make it the ideal core for the mattress sought by the most demanding consumers.

Pikolin's first smart mattress. The future of modern resting is here, a technology that accompanies you while you rest and that helps you improve your resting habits and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Smart Pik Colchón
Smart Pik Colchón

A premium smart mattress that provides maximum comfort and is equipped with a device complemented by a Smart P!k bracelet, which is able to measure aspects that may affect your sleep, such as your room temperature. Of course, it can be used without activating the Smart P!k technology.

Smart Pik Colchón
Smart Pik App

Equipped with different sensors that analyse the quality of your rest while you are wearing it. It works together with the SmartP!k mattress.