Visco Cervical Pillow

Ref: AL16558

The best posture pillows with cutting-edge technology.

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Medium High

Description and details

This pillow has an ergonomic shape designed to ensure that your neck and head are in the ideal position when you are resting. It is therefore recommended for people who have problems with their necks.

Cervical relief. Alleviates pressure points, reducing the need to change position during sleep. The special cervical profile, together with the Viscofoam material, promote deep, restorative sleep. 


  • Core: 100% Viscofoam®. It adapts to the body's temperature footprint, allowing you to rest on a surface that fits you perfectly. Eliminates pressure points, reducing the need to change position while sleeping, resulting in deep, restorative sleep.
  • Outer cover: 100% cotton velour.
  • Interior cover: 100% Cotton.
  • Medium firmness.