Mattress bases

With a rigid support, flexible or folding in order to use the extra space. Combine your mattress with an upholstered base and obtain the degree of firmness that is adequate for your sleep.

Synthetic Leather Ergobox Breathable 3D

Semi-rigid upholstered base with a flexible spring structure.

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Synthetic Leather Divanlín + breathable 3D

Breathable upholstered base B.A.S.

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Wooden breathable 3D storage bed base

Breathable cover with maximum durability,which includes:

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Naturbox wood 3D folding bedframes

PIKOLIN´s Naturbox Wood 3D Storage Bedframe

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Lateral opening junior wooden folding bases

This junior storage bed base with Lateral Opening is a resistant base which will offer you extra storage space

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Breathable Divanlín 3D

Thin rigid base, upholstered in neutro stretch fabric which has been Sanitized®-treated.

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Ergobox Neutro

The only sprung base available which complements the qualities of the Normablock® mattress

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Synthetic leather upholstered storage bed bases + breathable 3D

PIKOLIN´s upholstered storage bed bases are elegant thanks to their innovative finishing made of faux leather.

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