Fold-out storage bases

The fold-out base that allows for under-mattress storage, in wood or synthetic leather

Lift up divans are not only the ideal bases for any mattress, they also provide extra storage: a horizontal cupboard where you can store whatever you want.

White fold-out storage base

Lateral opening junior wooden folding bases

This junior storage bed base with Lateral Opening is a resistant base which will offer you extra storage space

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Wooden fold-out storage base

Naturbox wood 3D folding bedframes

PIKOLIN´s Naturbox Wood 3D Storage Bedframe

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Breathable fold-out storage base

Wooden breathable 3D storage bed base

Breathable cover with maximum durability,which includes:

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Fold-out storage base upholstered in synthetic leather

Synthetic leather upholstered storage bed bases + breathable 3D

PIKOLIN´s upholstered storage bed bases are elegant thanks to their innovative finishing made of faux leather.

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