Synthetic leather upholstered storage bed bases + breathable 3D

Ref: AP11290, AP11291

Enjoy its great capacity.

The folding canapés are a perfect base for your mattress, and as an additional storage space. Its finish in leather makes it an attractive decorative option adapted to the most current trends. Available in white and wengue, this type of bases is perfect for any mattress.

Description and details

  • Interior structure made of top quality upholstered wood thanks to an innovative finishing made of faux leather, which is elegant and decorative.
  • Breathable cover of maximum durability:
    -B.A.S. (Base Air System):
    all of the components have been manufactured to facilitate optimal ventilation and air flow in the sleeping equipment.
    -D.S. (Double Support): inclusion of a foundation double support, which besides increasing the resistance and durability of the base guarantees perfect support for any kind of mattress making its useful life longer.
  • New design, functional and practical handle with name branding.
  • Small arch, which holds the mattress.
  • Easy-open system with pneumatic rams:
    -Complete absence of noise while in use.
    -The interior is accessible from all angles.
  • Storage space with bigger interior capacity:
    - At 150x200 cm (59x69 inches) it has a capacity of 848 litres (51,748 inch3).
    - Furthermore, at 160, 180 and 200 cm width (63, 71 and 78 inches respectively) it is manufactured in only one piece, this way we can avoid losing the space which would be lost joining 2 storage beds of 80, 90 or 100 cm width (31,35 and 39 inches respectively): 1,141 litres (69,628 inch3) of capacity in 200x200 (79x79 inches).
  • Direct floor contact finishing. It does not require displacement. Height: 36 cm (6.3 inches)
  • Available colours:

    -White: AP11290

    -Wengué: AP11291