Breathable upholstered bases for any mattress

Bases ideal for any mattress, in 3D synthetic leather or fabric

Providing rigid or flexible support, the "Neutras" upholstered bases are the ideal support for any mattress. Enjoy more comfort with no loss of space.

Base with breathable upholstery

Breathable Divanlín 3D

Thin rigid base, upholstered in neutro stretch fabric which has been Sanitized®-treated.

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Upholstered storage base with springs

Ergobox Neutro

The only sprung base available which complements the qualities of the Normablock® mattress

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Base upholstered in several colours

Synthetic Leather Divanlín + breathable 3D

Breathable upholstered base B.A.S.

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Breathable base, upholstered in 4 colours

Synthetic Leather Ergobox Breathable 3D

Semi-rigid upholstered base with a flexible spring structure.

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