Breathable Divanlín 3D

Ref: DL12080, DL12082, DL12084, DL12086

The best complement for your sleeping comfort.

The Divanlín bases from Pikolin offer the resistance and solidity that our mattresses need. This is our way of guaranteeing the best sleeping comfort when you need it. Available in four colours, the Double Support system provides greater resistance and durability to the cover, while at the same time extending the useful life of the mattress.

Description and details


  • Breathable upholstered base B.A.S. – Base Air System -: all of the components have been manufactured to facilitate optimal ventilation and air flow in the sleeping equipment.
  • Double Support - D.S. -: foundation double support , which besides increasing the resistance and durability of the base guarantees perfect support for any kind of mattress making its useful life longer.
  • 3D breathable upholstery with polyester fibres micro-channels, which provide maximum ventilation and permeability. Available in different colours.
  • Metallic structure of great resistance and strength, which guarantees comprehensive durability.
  • It can be used on bed frame or legs.
  • Ready for 4 or 6 legs.
  • Available in different colours..
    • DL12080 white +2 JP18000.004.253.00 cherry tree
    • DL12082 cherry tree +2 JP18000.004.253.00 cherry tree
    • DL12084 wenge +2 JP18000.008.253.00 wenge
    • DL12086 black + 2 JP18000.002.253.00 black