Synthetic Leather Divanlín + breathable 3D

Ref: DL12031, DL12033, DL12035, DL12037

The best complement for your sleeping comfort.

For a refreshing good night's sleep, it is necessary to achieve the ideal combination between mattress and base. The DIVANLÍN upholstered bases are created to guarantee optimal ventilation and a perfect support for any PIKOLIN mattress. Thanks to its metallic structure, the base will last for many years.

Description and details

  • Breathable upholstered base B.A.S. – Base Air System – : all of the components have been manufactured to facilitate optimal ventilation and .air flow in the sleeping equipment.
  • Double Support - D.S. -: foundation double support , which besides increasing the resistance and durability of the base guarantees perfect support for any kind of mattress making its useful life longer.
  • Mixed upholstery, which includes:
    • On the edge: synthetic leather.
    • In its central zone: 3D breathable fabric.
  • Metallic structure of great resistance and strength, which guarantees comprehensive durability.
  • It can be used on bed frame or legs.
  • Ready for 4 or 6 legs.
  • Available in different colours.
    • DL12031 white + 2 JP18700.009.250.00 white
    • DL12033 cherry tree + 2 JP18700.004.250.00  cherry tree or 2 JP18000.004.253.00 cherry tree
    • DL12035 wenge + 2 JP18700.008.250.00  wenge or 2 JP18000.008.253.00 wenge
    • DL12037 black + 2 JP18700.002.250.00  black or 2 JP18000.002.253.00 black