Synthetic Leather Ergobox Breathable 3D

Ref: CA12021, CA12023, CA12025, CA12027

The best complement for your sleeping comfort.

This upholstered base in breathable synthetic leather provides many benefits for your sleeping comfort: it extends the useful life of your mattress, promoting in turn the resistance and durability of the cover. The Base Air System (B.A.S.) promotes an optimal ventilation during sleeping hours.

Description and details

  • Semi-rigid upholstered base with a flexible spring structure.
  • Because of its characteristics it complements the properties of any other mattress adding firmness and adaptability to the sleeping ensemble.
  • Mixed upholstery, which includes:
  • On the edge: synthetic leather.
  • In its central zone: 3D breathable fabric.
  • Shock absorber made of high density and high resistance polyurethane.
  • Prepared to include 4 or 6
  • Available in different colours.
    • CA12031 white + 2 JP18700.009.140.00 white
    • CA12033 cherry tree + 2 JP18700.004.140.00  cherry-tree or 2 JP18000.004.140.00 cherry tree
    • CA12035 wenge +2 JP18700.008.140.00  Wenge or 2 JP18000.008.140.00 Wenge
    • CA12037 black +2 JP18700.002.140.00  black or 2 JP18000.002.140.00 black