SmartP!K technology by PIKOLIN is a fun solution that teaches you to rest in a healthier way. You will learn more about yourself thanks to its three modes (sleep, love and coach), which are here to provide you knowledge and fun!

The smartPik application produces resting charts that incorporate the REM stage in Sleep mode or dynamic charts with the duration and intensity of a sexual act in Love mode. We will conduct the P!Ksburgh test to learn a bit more in detail about the quality of your rest in Coach mode. A different username is used by each person accessing the website; this way, each person can see their own information even if they share the bed.

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While sleeping, the SmartPik bracelet uses multiple sensors to measure your movements and heart rate, in order to analyse your sleep quality, give you detailed analysis with daily charts, and offer personalised advice through the mobile app.

Tu Your Smart Coach will provide a report of your night based on the most important variables of your sleep as compared to the average for your age and sex. In addition, it will propose new challenges and suggestions so that you can improve your sleep quality. You will earn medals as you reach different milestones.
• Moon Challenge: reduce the time you spend awake during your time of rest.
• Sleepyhead Challenge: consigue minimizar el tiempo despierto durante tu descanso.
• Sheep Challenge: improve your sleep average compared with the previous month.

You can rate your daily sleep indicating the factors that may have affected your rest, such as coffee, smoking, alcohol, late dinners, stress, nightmares, being woken by children or babies, or visits to the bathroom. In fact, the system constantly learns and gives you the best advice to suit your needs.


Your SmartP!k bracelet is also an activity bracelet. You will find out about your activity both inside and outside of your mattress environment. Activity mode enables you to monitor your heart rate and take challenges, helping you to lead a healthy life. You will obtain detailed daily activity information about the number of steps you have taken, distance covered, calories and fat burnt, and average heart rates.

Also, in this mode, your Smart Coach will propose three weekly challenges:
• 7 Peaks Challenge: walk the 7 highest peaks. A total of 54 km divided over 1 week.
• Volcano Challenge: burn 3,500 Kcal in 1 week.
• Golden Gate Challenge: walk 8,000 steps every day, the equivalent of crossing the famous bridge there and back



You also have the option to measure your sexual activity with complete privacy. Love mode gives you information about yourself, such as duration, start and end times, calories and fat burnt, average intensity, heart rate, and room temperature. This information can be viewed in your SmartPik application when you synchronise your bracelet with your smartphone or tablet.


You also have a Smart Coach (or personal assistant) who will give you detailed information about your sleep and daily activity, guiding you with advice and activity challenges to improve your sleep and health habits.