About Smart P!k


What is Smart P!k?
Smart P!K is a comprehensive smart resting system that consists of three elements: a smart mattress, a smart bracelet and a mobile application
What is the use of Smart P!k?
Smart P!K allows you to monitor, analyse and improve your rest. It also provides advice and suggests solutions to help you achieve it.
Do the devices part of the Smart P!K system emit any type of signal while I sleep?
Both the smart P!K bracelet and the smart P!K mattress collect information while you use them. They will only emit Bluetooth signals when you voluntarily synchronise the devices using the smart P!K application on your mobile phone.


Does the smart P!K bracelet come in different sizes?
No, the smart P!K bracelet is universal and can be used for a wide range of wrist diameters.
What is the smart P!K bracelet's strap made of?
The bracelet is made of a special type of high-resistant elastomer and it contains metal parts made of zinc.
Can several people use the same smart P!K bracelet?
The smart P!K bracelet registers sleeping-related data throughout the night and associates all the information to a single user.
How long does the smart P!K bracelet's battery last?
Depending on the performance you demand from the smart P!K bracelet, the battery can last between 3 and 7 days. For further details about the duration of the smart P!K bracelet's battery, check the Quick Start Guide.
How long does the smart P!K bracelet's battery take to charge?
The smart P!K bracelet's battery takes between one and two hours to charge. When the battery is completely charged, a mattress icon will light up on your bracelet.
Is the smart P!K bracelet an activity bracelet?
The smart P!K bracelet has been designed to be used in bed (except for the Time to Bed function, which works when away from bed). The smart P!K bracelet does not measure your daily physical activity.
I have tried to turn on my smart P!K bracelet, but no icon lights up. Why is this?
It is possible that the smart P!K bracelet's battery is empty due to not using it for some time. Make sure you fully charge the battery (1-2 hours) before using it.
I have lost or broken the smart P!K bracelet's charger. What should I do?
The smart P!K bracelet's charger is a micro USB to USB charger used by most electronic devices on the market; therefore, you can use another cable you have at home or purchase one at any electronics store.
Will the Love Mode activate every time I have sexual relations?
The Love mode is optional and requires activating by the user to start collecting data; therefore, it will only activate whenever you want.
I have activated the Love Mode to see what it does and then switched it off, but it does not appear on the register.
If you have simply turned it on and off, it is perfectly normal that nothing has been registered. Both the application and the device start to work after 30 seconds to make sure that you have not activated it by mistake while you were going through any other function on the bracelet.
Does the Love mode deactivate automatically?
The Love mode deactivates automatically after 3 hours of operation or if you take off the smart P!K bracelet while activated and you do not wear it again for 20 minutes. In the second case, the finish time will not be registered either. If none of these scenarios take place, you must press the bracelet's button for 3 seconds to deactivate the Love mode.
El icono del colchón de mi pulsera smart P!K se ilumina en naranja. ¿Esto por qué ocurre?
El icono naranja indica que la batería de tu pulsera smart P!K está por debajo del 25%, por lo que deberás recordar cargarla pronto.
The mattress on my smart P!K bracelet lights up in orange. Why?
An orange icon indicates that the smart P!K's bracelet's battery is below 25%, so you should remember to load it soon.
The mattress icon on my smart P!K's bracelet is blinking. Why?
If this happens when pressing the button on your smart P!K bracelet, it is because you are outside the range of your smart P!K mattress. If it happens when you are not, it is because you are exiting and/or entering the range of your mattress. Remember that this affects the way in which you can interact with your bracelet and mattress.
Will my smart P!K bracelet measure my rest if I do not sleep on my smart P!K mattress?
No, the smart P!K bracelet only monitors your rest or sexual activity if you are using your smart P!K mattress.
What happens if I get up from the bed in the middle of the night wearing my smart P!K bracelet?
The Smart P!K system will allow you to go outside the range of your smart P!K mattress for a brief period. If you spend too much time away from it, your smart P!K bracelet will interpret this as if you have woken up completely and will stop registering your sleep.
Can I wet my smart P!K bracelet?
The smart P!K bracelet is not water resistant; therefore, we recommend that you do not shower with it or submerge it. Yes, it is splash-resistant, so you can wash your hands or clean it with a slightly moist cloth if necessary.
I am trying to initiate the Love mode, but the heart icon does not light up. Why?
P!K mattress. Remember that you cannot activate the Love mode if your bracelet's battery is below 10% and that it will not register heart rate data when on Love mode if it is below 25%.
I have a new smart P!K bracelet. How do I start using it?
Connect your new bracelet from the smart P!K application, which will ask you for a new password. Once configured, it will be ready to use like your previous bracelet.
Why does the green light appear on the back of my smart P!K bracelet?
That green light is a contact sensor that measures your heart rate and detects when you have it on with the purpose of managing the power-saving mode.
How can I delete all the data on my smart P!K bracelet?
You can return the settings of your smart P!K bracelet to the factory default from the menu's "Configuration\" option, using the \"Restore to factory default function\".
Both icons on my smart P!K bracelet are blinking. Why?
When a new update is installed on your smart P!K bracelet, these icons will blink to inform you about it. Make sure that your bracelet has enough battery when the smart P!K application warns you about the update.
What is the PIN for?
The PIN is a four-digit number that protects the smart module of your smart P!K mattress and your smart P!K bracelet, so only you have access to it and to the information registered in your app.
Do I have to enter the PIN again after registering?
You will not have to enter your PIN again unless you install the application again. If you change smartphone or you restore it to the factory default, you will have to enter the PIN again.
I have forgotten my smart P!K bracelet's PIN. How can I recover it?
From the " " section in the smart P!K application, you can request the system to send your PIN to the email address you used to register.


How long does the smart P!K mattress' battery last?
The smart P!K mattress' batteries last for around a year. Once they are empty, you can easily replace them following the instructions on the Quick Start Guide.
What type of batteries does the smart P!K mattress use?
The smart P!K mattress uses two CR2032 button-type batteries.
Can several people use the same smart P!K mattress?
Yes, as two people could be sharing the bed, you can also share the functionalities of the smart P!K mattress provided that you each have your own smart P!K bracelet. If you need an additional smart P!K bracelet, you can acquire it from our online store (website).
I have tried to synchronise my smart P!K mattress with my smartphone while registering on the smart P!K application, but it does not find a device. Why?
You may have not removed the plastic strip that initiates your smart P!K mattress or activated your smartphone's Bluetooth connection.
La luz de mi colchón smart P!K parpadeaba al retirar la tira roja de seguridad, pero ya no. ¿Esto por qué ocurre?
Cuando retiras la tira de seguridad, la luz LED del colchón smart P!K parpadea durante un minuto para indicarte que está operativo. Pasado ese tiempo, la luz se apaga para ahorrar batería, aunque tu colchón está operativo y listo para registrarlo con la app.
Sometimes, the light on my smart P!K mattress turns on for a moment. Why?
The LED light on the smart P!K mattress turns on briefly every time that you connect from the smart P!K application in the "My Mattress" section.
¿How can I find out the temperature that the smart P!K mattress is measuring for my bedroom?
You can check the temperature of your bedroom in the "My Mattress" section of the smart P!K application, where you will be able to see the current temperature and the maximum and minimum values registered by your mattress.
I have a smart P!K mattress, but I am not able or I do not want to use the smart P!K bracelet. Will I be able to find out details about my rest anyway
Yes, you can still find out details about your rest on the smart P!K application such as the temperature of your bedroom and other information regarding your mattress, but you will not be able to monitor your rest and the P!Kdream, P!Klove and P!Kcoach modes will not be available. For this reason, we recommend that you use the smart P!K bracelet.


I have forgotten my password. How can I recover it?
On the screen that accesses your account, under the password field, appears the text “Forgot your password?”. By touching the text, the application will request the email address that you used to register the account and will send an email so you can create a new password. You have to be connected to the Internet to request a new password.
I have forgotten the email address I used to register. What can I do?
In the smart P!K application you can see the email address you used to register your account. If you have changed phone and you cannot access your smart P!K application, we recommend that you search for the welcome email in your habitual email accounts.
Why does the smart P!K application ask for my personal details? What will it do with them?
If your smartphone meets the requirements that appear in the Quick Start Guide, it is most likely that it will be compatible with the P!K resting system. The list of compatible devices includes those that we had the opportunity to verify. Given the wide range of smartphones on the market, it is impossible for us to check them all.
My smartphone does not appear on the list of devices compatible with the P!K Resting System. Does this mean that it will not work on it?
Lo más probable es que, si tu teléfono cuenta con los requisitos que figuran en la Guía de Inicio Rápido, tu smartphone sea compatible con el sistema de descanso P!K. La lista de dispositivos compatibles muestra aquellos que hemos tenido la oportunidad de verificar. Dado la amplia gama de smartphones en el mercado, nos es imposible comprobarlos todos.
In what languages is the smart P!K application available?
The smart P!K application is currently available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.
The smart P!K application asks me to read the QR code on my mattress but I cannot find it. Where is it?
It is likely that the QR code on your smart P!K mattress is on the head, so you may have to turn it to find it.
Do I have to complete the challenges suggested by the Coach?
We strongly recommend that you follow the challenges suggested by the Coach to improve your sleep and quality of life, although it is not necessary that you follow them in order to be able use the smart P!K application.
The smart P!K application registers very high heart rate measurements during the night. Should I be concerned?
It is possible that your smart P!K bracelet is not properly adjusted to your wrist during the night and that, as a result, it is registering unusual measurements. Although the smart P!K bracelet is not a medical device, do not hesitate in visiting a doctor if you want to make sure that everything is OK.
Why do I have to specify the factors that may affect my sleep?
The smart P!K application analyses the quality of your rest on the basis of several factors, and it suggests solutions to improve it based on these. Therefore, after each time you sleep, you should label the elements that may have affected it.
¿What are the stages of sleep??
The stages of sleep are defined by our brain activity while we are asleep. During the REM stage, our brain is more active, and it is when we dream. We distinguish between two NREM modes: light sleep (when it easy to be awoken) and deep sleep (when it is difficult to be awoken). If you would like to find out more about the stages of sleep, go to .
What is the intensity of the Love mode?
The intensity of the love mode is based on how active our activity is during the time that the smart P!K bracelet is collecting data.
What is the Time to Bed smart alarm?
You can set the Time to Bed alarm so your smart P!K bracelet warns you at the time that you would like to go to bed to sleep the ideal number of hours. When this time is reached, the bracelet will warn you with a short vibration. Remember that the Time to Bed alarm works both inside and outside the range of your smart P!K mattress.
What is the Smart Alarm?
You can set the Smart Alarm to wake you up at the best point of your sleep so you feel wide awake. After setting the alarm, your smart P!K bracelet will monitor your rest and wake you up at the ideal moment. When this time is reached, the bracelet will warn you by means of an intermittent vibration and the mattress icon will light up for 10 seconds.